A Word From Dr. Tesi

To share where I may be able to uniquely help you, allow me to share that I had
severe foot pain and knee pain when I was just 25 years old. My father was a
Medical Doctor and was unable to help me. So he took me to a Podiatrist who
made me orthotics. These helped but would not work well in any shoes. So I
learned how to design and make my own shoes and boots. That helped
TREMENDOUSLY, but I did not find a total solution until I was taught a unique
way of making orthotics. Which was VERY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I WOULD
LATER BE TAUGHT IN PODIATRY TRAINING. It took both the shoe corrections
and orthotics to alleviate my foot and knee pain.

In 1984 I entered Podiatry school. I was surprised that we received no training on
how to adjust orthotics or shoes. Which was the very thing that had enabled me to
be pain-free! Most of the solutions we were taught focused on surgery. I did learn
a great deal and combining what I was taught in Podiatry with what I had
previously learned, has helped me help so many people!
It has now been over 40 years since I learned how to make shoes and orthotics. I
have been a Podiatrist for 31 years. I have greatly improved my orthotic making skills
over the years so that shoe corrections are less important, but are sometimes still
needed. I am very thankful that I can wear regular shoes and enable others to do
the same without pain.

Orthotics can do so much! The feet are our foundation and orthotics help align
the whole body, especially the knees and lower back. They can also be a
tremendous benefit for some nerve-related conditions.
If you have had orthotics and they did not work for you, let me make you a pair. If
you can not immediately see the difference, you do not need to take them!

After I make the Orthotics there is a break-in period after which I can further adjust
them similar to how an Orthodontist aligns the teeth with braces. Orthodontics are
Orthotics for the teeth! Why not adjust foot orthotics to bring the feet into
alignment similar to the ones for the teeth? This is what I do.

– Dr. Tesi, DPM

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